About us

Schrood is the ultimate food delivery app that allows users to order delicious foods and drinks from the finest nearby eateries or restaurants. Through our app, customers can explore a wide range of dining options, from cosy cafes to aesthetic restaurants, right at their fingertips. Our app live chat feature enables customers to directly chat with the restaurants, customise their order, and ask for the order status. Schrood is all about convenience and growth, as we help customers enjoy their favourite food delivered to their doorsteps or takeaway and restaurants grow their businesses with us.


Speedy delivery of delicious food. Find your favourite restaurant on Schrood in a few taps.

Delivering Food, Satisfying Cravings

Get access to a wide range of restaurants, cafes, hotels, and pubs near you on one single platform.

Explore different delightful cuisines to satisfy your taste buds at your fingertips.

Choose takeaway or delivery; we've got both options covered for your convenience.

Interact directly with restaurants, personalise orders, and track deliveries through live chats.

Rate, review, and share your experience with the restaurant on the app to help other users make informed choices.

Discover great deals, discounts and enjoy savings on your orders exclusively on Schrood.